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Gavita Soft Software

Gavita is a 2020 start software company. It main intensity is to serve the clients with top security and friendly user interface.

Our first priority is design. We concentrate on developing top most user friendly environment with latest development techniques, and security is our primary addon. Gavita build a hack proof CDN websites wo make business online 24/7. We run in top most cloud servers like google, amazon and netlify.

Why choose Gavita ?

Create, collaborate, and turn your ideas into incredible products with the definitive platform for digital design.


With our high responsive catching system every website we design reach the customer less than 7 sec.


Our systems continuously monitor, maintain reliable environment for our trusted customers.


We build scalable systems that can even run store 1000 of products and display them without any problem.


We are available to our clients 24/7, we always ready to fix the issue before it reach to our client.


We maintain larger servers that can store more than 10,000 product images.

Easy upgrade

Updates can be done easly from a fully responsive admin panel.

Access Fast With CDN

CDN helps your store easy to access from any parts of earth easily and fastly.

Admin Control

Admin panel is able to control every product and page in store.

User friendly Designs

100% Faster and secure servers and softwares

  • Ultrafast Data Read/Write Speeds
  • Enterprise Software
  • Highest Data Protection Reliability

Frequently asked

Create, collaborate, and turn your business into incredible products with our Gavita services for your digital world.

How our Gavita work ?

We combine our design with customer idealogy to create a mockup design and implement a prototype and perfect with the latest and stable development language.

How secure are Gavita application ?

We design and develop with the stable and secure software languages, moreover Gavita concentrate on continues monitoring and testing even after building the application.

How user friendly Gavita applications ?

Our developers work with easy and simple designs which easy to update and effective we don't use 3rd party plugins and always check in multiply browsers before giving to a client we provide error-free and effective error handling code.

Do Gavita provide hosting along with web application ?

Yes, we do provide the hosting service along with web applications build with gavita. Our plans are pre included with hosting price.

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Create, collaborate, and turn your business into incredible products with our Gavita services for your digital world.

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